Get Ready for the Next Big Reveal From Grayshift

Grayshift continues to extend its strength in lawful access and extraction capabilities

As a leader in cell phone forensics, Grayshift, has been hard at work developing new features for law enforcement partners like you.

We strive to provide law enforcement … Read more

Mobile Device Biometrics – What They Are and How They Work

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Using biometrics is the process of measuring and analyzing biological data to identify an individual. Mobile devices with biometric-enabled features are used for many purposes, one of which is authentication. This authentication method provides … Read more

10 Reasons Why You Need GrayKey

New Infographic

Consider the following scenario: A woman searches for a used mountain bike on Facebook Marketplace and finds someone in her area selling the exact model that she’s been looking for. The woman who wants to buy the bike, texts with the potential seller, and arranges to meet to test ride and buy the bike if it’s … Read more

Without Access, Mobile Forensics Fails to Deliver

By David Miles, co-founder and chief executive officer of Grayshift

Criminal activity has always been one of the frontiers of new technologies—and the digital age has seen a relentless expansion of that frontier. Every day, individuals commit crimes in new … Read more

What is digital forensics?

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Author: Josh Carder – Digital Forensics Specialist, Grayshift

Digital Forensics is commonly defined as the recovery and investigation of material found in digital devices. But what does this entail?

In the early … Read more

Grayshift INSIGHTS – Quarterly Virtual Update – Aug 31st

For the 3rd time this year, we’ll be showcasing exciting new GrayKey capabilities!

Mobile digital forensics is critical to the success of law enforcement agencies in investigating and solving today’s criminal investigations. Mobile devices provide a wealth of digital evidence. … Read more

Grayshift Virtual Briefing Room – July 8th

Join our upcoming Grayshift Briefing Room

Mobile devices are a major source of evidence but obtaining that evidence can be challenging. There are instances where the suspect, victim, or witness is reluctant to release their device, which can result in

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Keep The Integrity Of Your Mobile Evidence

Mobile devices provide key evidence for criminal investigations, but accessing the critical information on mobile devices can often be challenging. Getting access to the data is only one part of the challenge. Establishing and maintaining device chain of custody (CoC) … Read more

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