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Consider the following scenario: A woman searches for a used mountain bike on Facebook Marketplace and finds someone in her area selling the exact model that she’s been looking for. The woman who wants to buy the bike, texts with the potential seller, and arranges to meet to test ride and buy the bike if it’s in good condition. At the spot where the two arranged to meet, the woman is assaulted and robbed by the seller.

Later, the officer investigating the assault and robbery finds out that the woman was meeting a Facebook Marketplace contact and that the two exchanged texts, so the officer obtains a warrant to request the content of the text thread from the service provider. However, after making the request, it takes over a month for the officer to get a reply from the service provider. When the provider finally supplies the requested data to the officer, it’s in an unreadable format that requires special software, further delaying the investigation. Another month passes and the case remains in limbo, which means that the suspect who committed the assault and robbery has still not been apprehended and remains out on the streets – ready to strike again.

These types of scenarios take place every day in cities around the world and it reinforces why it is important for law enforcement to be able to access critical evidence to help with faster case resolution. That’s why Grayshift developed GrayKey —  a state-of-the-art forensic access tool that extracts encrypted or inaccessible data from mobile devices. GrayKey grants you access to actionable intelligence so you can solve cases faster, reduce crime within your community, and maximize your mobile forensics investment. Check out the infographic below to learn more about what GrayKey can do for you.

To learn more, download the latest infographic and learn how law enforcement agencies use GrayKey to access data on locked mobile devices.  or visit www.Grayshift.com.

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