Nevis encryption-detection software updated to version 1.5.0

The National Technical Assistance Centre (NTAC) has released a new version of Nevis, their free encryption-detection software.

Nevis runs over seized media to flag any encrypted files or encryption-related files, outputting a report to allow investigators to quickly identify any … Read more

Mike’s Forensic Tools Updates

Updates to MFT Stampede and MFT Hex Chomper to include more available time and date types, and a re-write of MFT Salt in Python.

MFT Stampede is a time stamp conversion tool, which will try and convert the entered value … Read more

Mike’s Forensic Tools – Cookie Cutter

A simple app to decode the data held within Google Analytics Cookies.

The data can be identified by “__UTM” starting each section. The data holds: records, the number of visits to a website, the first, last and current visit dates; … Read more

New Mike’s Forensic Tools releases

MFT Runtime – Following recent requests for CPS, this software quickly totals up the runtime of either individual video clips or a collection of video clips held in recursive folders. Exports to a detailed report.

MFT PictureBox – Will recursively … Read more

Mike’s Forensic Tools

A few new applications have recently been released as part of Mike’s Forensic Tools. As with all MFT Software these are free to use:

MFT Hex Chomper
A simple tool to parse a block of Hex and identify and flag … Read more

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