Nevis encryption-detection software updated to version 1.5.0

The National Technical Assistance Centre (NTAC) has released a new version of Nevis, their free encryption-detection software. Nevis runs over seized media to flag any encrypted files or encryption-related files, outputting a report to allow investigators to quickly identify any… Read more

Mike’s Forensic Tools Updates

Updates to MFT Stampede and MFT Hex Chomper to include more available time and date types, and a re-write of MFT Salt in Python. MFT Stampede is a time stamp conversion tool, which will try and convert the entered value… Read more

Mike’s Forensic Tools – Cookie Cutter

A simple app to decode the data held within Google Analytics Cookies. The data can be identified by “__UTM” starting each section. The data holds: records, the number of visits to a website, the first, last and current visit dates;… Read more

New Mike’s Forensic Tools releases

MFT Runtime – Following recent requests for CPS, this software quickly totals up the runtime of either individual video clips or a collection of video clips held in recursive folders. Exports to a detailed report. MFT PictureBox – Will recursively… Read more

Mike’s Forensic Tools

A few new applications have recently been released as part of Mike’s Forensic Tools. As with all MFT Software these are free to use: MFT Hex ChomperA simple tool to parse a block of Hex and identify and flag any… Read more