Resolving MSN Messenger User IDs to email addresses

"A while ago I developed a small piece of software to resolve an MSN Messenger User ID to the email address used to create it and this has been used internally at Kent Police for quite a while. After we had a case when a child had been chatting to over 2500 other users of MSN Messenger I added the functionality to do bulk lists instead of having to type each one individually. We have now decided to release it in the hope that it will assist other investigators in the same situation and the software is available to download here. Please feel free to email me with any ideas or suggestions on"The software comes with a user guide and will do the following:

– Create a MSN Messenger User ID from a supplied email address.
– Resolve the email address from a supplied User ID.
– Resolve a list of supplied User IDs to email address, listing ones that can not be resolved.

You also have the ability to edit the list of known email address to suit your situation.

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