Making a Difference, One Child at a Time

By Jad Saliba, Founder & CTO of Magnet Forensics It’s not an issue many like to talk about, or perhaps even know about. But child sex slavery is one of the fastest growing criminal enterprises in the world. A perverse… Read more

Recovering Live System Artifacts with IEF

The collection of volatile data has become an essential component of a forensic examiner’s processes. While traditional forensic practices have always focused around avoiding any modification of evidence in order to preserve the integrity of the data, this is no… Read more

Analyzing Windows Phone Artifacts with IEF

New with Internet Evidence Finder (IEF) v6.5, Magnet Forensics has added support for a number of native and third-party apps for Windows Phone. Using JTAG and Chip-off techniques, forensics examiners can use IEF to recover call logs, SMS/MMS, emails, and… Read more

Magnet Forensics Releases Internet Evidence Finder v6.5

With the release of Internet Evidence Finder v6.5, Magnet Forensics adds support for Windows Phone, and introduces new triage features including live system artifact recovery capabilities. IEF is already capable of recovering evidence from native and third-party mobile applications found… Read more

How to Use IEF and Cellebrite to Investigate Android Devices

Mobile devices contain a wealth of valuable information, but the challenge is knowing how to retrieve the data. Investigators seem to have image acquisition covered with tools like Cellebrite’s UFED, but want to know how to pull more evidence from… Read more

Improving Your Mobile Forensics Workflow

Finding and analyzing evidence found on mobile devices may be the most important skill today’s digital forensics examiner can possess. Mobile devices have engrained themselves into our personal and professional lives. As a result, mobile devices (and the applications they… Read more

Using Dynamic App Finder to Recover More Mobile Artifacts

Data recovered from mobile chat apps is critical to many forensic investigations. However, with thousands of mobile chat apps in use today and a steady stream of new apps emerging, identifying, recovering and analyzing mobile chat data has become a… Read more

Learn How To Recover Vital Artifacts from BlackBerry Messenger

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) was the original mobile messaging application, geared towards business users and productive consumers. Originally available only on BlackBerry devices, BBM has since gone cross-platform and is now accessible to Android and iOS users. While consumer interest in… Read more

Recovering Kik Messenger Forensic Artifacts

In today’s world, where mobile phones are the technology of choice used by millions to communicate, chat applications like Kik Messenger are often used in the commission of crimes like online harassment, or to plan or facilitate crimes like drug… Read more

Forensic Analysis of Windows Shellbags

While shellbags have been available since Windows XP, they have only recently become a popular artifact as examiners are beginning to realize their potential value to an investigation. In a nutshell, shellbags help track views, sizes and positions of a… Read more

How to Analyze USB Device History in Windows

Whether you’re a corporate examiner working an intellectual property theft, or a law enforcement investigator searching for illicit images, most forensic examiners have investigated the USB device history of a computer. There are five key pieces of information that need… Read more