iOS Artifacts – See What You Might Be Missing!

Lance Mueller of Magnet Forensics earlier posted an article on iOS forensics detailing common steps and details of an examination of an iOS device, and how IEF can be used once you have that physical image or file system dump.… Read more

Investigating iOS Phone Images, File Dumps and Backups

As of January 2013, Apple announced it had sold over 500 million iOS devices. While iOS seems to be the leading operating system for tablets worldwide, Android continues to be the leading operating system for mobile phones worldwide. Regardless of… Read more

“Oh no, the suspect ran CCleaner to get rid of the evidence!”

“I recently received a few questions about the effects of running Internet history sanitation tools such as CCleaner, when examining a computer looking for internet related artifacts. CCleaner is freely available online and commonly used to ‘sanitize’ user activity. From… Read more

How Important Are Facebook Artifacts?

In March 2013, Facebook reportedly had just over 1 billion users worldwide. Founded in February 2004, it can be considered one of the grandfathers of social networking. Nearly ten years later and even with hundreds of other social networking sites… Read more

Magnet Forensics Adds Mobile Device Support with IEF Advanced v6.1

Building on our commitment to assist thousands of customers, in the world’s top law enforcement, military, government and corporate organizations, recover data from a broad range of Internet-related communications, Magnet Forensics has launched a new edition of its industry-leading forensic… Read more