Convert X-Ways TSV data into TLN data for IEF Timeline

Jad Saliba, Founder & CTO of Magnet Forensics, writes:

We’re pleased to announce a new free tool and a guest blog post from James Morris of the Queensland Police Service in Australia.

James came to me with a request to help him get some data out of X-Ways and into IEF Timeline for the purpose of visualizing the data. Being able to view a set of events or activities on a visual timeline can greatly assist in understanding a user’s actions and explaining what has occurred to other stakeholders including supervisors, attorneys, and jurors. In the interest of helping James and other X-Ways users, I started to develop a tool that would convert TSV data exported from X-Ways into a standard TLN file that could then be loaded into IEF Timeline. James provided some sample TSV exports and feedback and the end result was a tool that makes the TSV-to-TLN conversion quick and easy…

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