Released Today: XRY v7.4, Kiosk 7.4 And XEC Express

XRY v7.4 enables extraction of location data from drones, and brings you a significant increase in data recovery with the new Android exploit.Extraction of Apple iOS Push Notifications supported Apple Push Notifications is used for apps to signal to the… Read more

Access Your Data Hassle-Free With The MSAB Single Driver

Getting access to your data is now quicker and simplified with the Windows driver software for USB. This solution from MSAB lets you skip the step of having to install separate drivers for each mobile device brand. Rather, it allows… Read more

The Newest Version Of XAMN Spotlight From MSAB Is Coming Soon

Find your answers. Faster, easier and with greater precision. The enhanced XAMN Spotlight will help you attain the pivotal answers you need to make sense of your data – quick, precise, easy to use. This allows investigators, detectives and managers… Read more

Webinar: What’s New In MSAB Kiosk v7.2

The Kiosk v7.2 has recently been released and Gavin McCoy, forensics consultant, will be hosting a 1-hour session on the latest Kiosk updates. In this session, find out how you can better leverage on these features and optimize your output… Read more