The Newest Version Of XAMN Spotlight From MSAB Is Coming Soon

Find your answers.
Faster, easier and with greater precision.

The enhanced XAMN Spotlight will help you attain the pivotal answers you need to make sense of your data – quick, precise, easy to use.

This allows investigators, detectives and managers to analyze and create hypotheses quicker, with greater precision and providing a higher chance of success.This upgraded version is faster and more user friendly; you have the option to print and export the result, and there is a powerful search capability. XAMN Spotlight handles millions of artifacts and allows the user to work on multiple computer screens simultaneously.

Read more about how this new tool can help you answer fundamental questions like who, what, where and why and how. The benefit of being able to analyze multiple devices at such speed is that you can see the conversations and connections between the different devices over multiple platforms.

All MSAB products are part of our Ecosystem and work seamlessly from crime to court. This presents a holistic view of how an effective mobile forensics solution should work and be set up. XAMN Spotlight is part of the XAMN Product family, products developed for analyzing the extracted data.

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