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A good certification for Mobile and smart phone Forensics  

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I was wondering if any of you can refer to a good Smartphone forensics certification, i was really ashamed that SANS does not have the certification yet!

Posted : 25/01/2015 12:46 am
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I tend to believe that if you asked this question to 50 people you could wind up with 50 different responses. I believe the certifications come in several categories.

1. Vendor specific Cellebrite, AccessData, XRY, Secureview, Oxygen, Lantern

2. Operating systems iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows

3. Advanced methods JTAG, Chip Off

Mobile Forensics Inc. offers a certification related to the overall process if interested?

I think it comes down to what you need in your area and what you can afford.

Whatever you decide I would suggest getting certified on every tool you use.

Posted : 25/01/2015 2:15 pm
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I'm sorry yes, i was not clear on my question.

I was asking for a vendor neutral training that comes with a certification of the overall process and best practice of handling mobile cases.

I agree, a certificate should be given on every tool used.

Many Thanks.

Posted : 25/01/2015 7:59 pm