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Final year Project Idea - Feedback Welcome!  

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I am a computer forensics student and just wanted to post on here to see what you think about an idea that I've had for my final year project.

I've still got about 6 months until I start my project for my final year but wanted to have a think about this now and try and get some good ideas.

I have been researching and reading up a lot on the 'forensic holodeck' system, you may or may not have read about this in the news and magazine articles. The 'forensic holodeck' is a system used for digitally reconstructing crime scenes for use in court and trials, using the Oculus VR headset. It allows the judges and juries to see what it would have been like at the crime scene with realistic reconstructions of the people, furniture and objects at the crime scene. It also helps to show bullet trajectories, line of sight and other many helpful features. The system has not been used in court yet but previous crime scenes have been reconstructed using the system and have gained some great feedback from the officers who were actually present at the scene.

I have been in touch with the creator of the system and asked his opinion on the pros and cons of it being used in court - we spoke for about an hour about it and he told me it would be great for me to do my project on this as it is an ever changing field and they are always looking for more research and feedback on the system overall.

I was thinking about doing a dissertation on how this could help trials in court and how it would benefit cases and trials, as well as any negatives side effects this could have in court? What do you guys think? I had the idea of contacting lots of forensics/law firms and see what they think about the system and take on all feedback before I begin my dissertation. Please feel free to leave comments, it would help me out a lot getting other people's opinions.

I personally feel that this system would benefit a lot if it was used in court - and this technology is only going to get bigger and more sophisticated. A lot of forensic information and data is lost or disregarded as it can only be displayed on paper in court. This system allows a visual representation of the whole scene and I believe could definitely aid in investigations and trials. If I could somehow demonstrate the system for my final year project as well as producing a dissertation on the pros and cons of the system then I think it would be a very interesting project. As I am doing a computer forensics course, I know alot of people may advise me to do create a forensics tool or software for my final project, however this is something I feel very strongly about and very much interested in. Again, please let me know what you think, any feedback positive or negative is welcome! Thankyou!

Posted : 30/01/2015 6:08 pm

It depends what field you are interested in. Based on my experience in LE what you are proposing is not neccisarily digital forensics but is more suited to the presentation of traditional forensics. Whilst this is a worthwhile area I do not think it will significantly increase your knowledge of digital forensics.

Therefore I voted 'No - Think of other options' -)

Posted : 31/01/2015 3:42 pm
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I was thinking about doing a dissertation on how this could help trials in court and how it would benefit cases and trials, as well as any negatives side effects this could have in court?

As already noted, it's not computer forensics, hence "No". (It's possibly forensic computing, though …)

However … I don't know what the scope of your studies are. If your project advisor thinks it falls within that scope, and you have the motivation to do it … go ahead.

Posted : 31/01/2015 5:19 pm
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I also voted no. Pretty much for the same reason as the aforementioned comment, I just don't see how it can help in digital forensics.

Having said that, I did recently witness similar technology (not sure who the developers were) being used/demonstrated by another unit, albeit not through a headset but instead a graphical representation on a screen/TV and did realise the potential in this assisting the courts/jury in understanding the crime scene through a 3D representation. Pretty smart indeed!

Posted : 31/01/2015 5:27 pm