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Bachelor Project - Need help with evaluating the guide I made for my bachelor project.

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For my bachelor project I have been working on a guide on how to access shell using UART on an IP camera. And also how to extract files from the device, and where to find files that contains user information, device information and network information. This guide is mainly focused for law enforcement but also to be of help to people that are interested in learning. Therefore the guide is attempted to make as easy as possible but also with some explanations along the way. It is kept in mind that the people doing this already have some knowledge about Linux and digital forensics.
All that remains is to have people look through the guide and leave me some feedback on it so that I can improve the guide even more before it is to be delivered on friday (7th of may) 23:59 UK time.
If you would like to take a look send me a DM and I will send you the guide and the survey to give the feedback on once you have gone through it. It is understandable that people do not have the opportunity to attempt this guide as it would require the IP camera. The response on the survey are anonymous. And you can skip the questions you do not feel answering. None of the questions can be tracked back to you.
You can send me a DM here, or on discord Aakra#6706
Posted : 04/05/2021 1:04 pm