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Hi my name is Monica, I'm a year one Forensic investigation student. I'm new here, just looking to talk to other people about same interests. any recommendations on books and kits all accepted. Thank you  

Posted : 05/05/2021 1:49 pm
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Hi Monica, good to see other people and talk about experience with forensics. I am in the field for  more then 15 years, so old school. Because of my work area I have seen and worked with many cases. So if you have any questions, just let me know. Have read many books, but almost all of them are at work, so don't have the titles (lockdown, haven't been there for more then a year). Also, because I am Dutch, not all of them in English. One on my desk at this moment is "Computer Forensics JumpStart", but most of the time I do my research online if I need something.

Posted : 30/05/2021 7:08 pm