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MSc Project Questionnaire: At-Scene Digital Device Triage Standardisation

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Hello everyone, 

My name is Beth and for my dissertation this year, I am attempting to create a framework for the standardisation of at-scene digital device triage in accordance with ISO 17020. 

Digital forensic work within a laboratory is regulated to the highest standard with the introduction of ISO 17025, however, this is not the first point of contact with evidence.  Therefore, the collection/triage of digital evidence should be standardised to a similar level of work within a laboratory, to ensure consistency and quality.


I have created a questionnaire that can allow me to collect opinions from the industry on what should be included in a technical guidance document pertaining to the issues mentioned above.  It should only take around 5 minutes to complete but would allow me to create something that is industry-relevant.

I am very passionate about this topic and would really appreciate you taking the time to share your opinions with me!

Thanks so much!


Link to questionnaire:

Posted : 22/05/2021 10:25 am