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Survey on assigning value to artefacts

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Hey everyone,
I am currently doing my bachelors research surrounding which value DFIR professionals assign to artefacts in general, and on case by case basis. Additionally, it would build further upon research from 2016, and also help with a comparative review for it. The purpose is creating a simple overview for people who are new to and/or outside the field what is being put into focus, as even artefact itself have no set definition.

As this is a subjective topic, I have decided to create a short survey to collect peoples opinions. It would be highly appreciated if you would take part and share your thoughts on this topic! Not to mention it's all anonymous and only takes about 10min 😊

Here is the link to the survey, if you would like to take part:

Thank you

Posted : 17/01/2023 2:06 pm