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NTI or CCE or Vendor specific (EnCase)certification  

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I am shopping for a Computer Forensics Certification. I have 1000+ hours of forensics and investigations experience at a fortune 500 company. I have been looking at NTI, Certified Computer Examiner and Encase certifications. Any tips ?

Posted : 27/04/2005 4:52 pm
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IMHO, the EnCE is worthwhile if you will use EnCase and may testify. It is meaningless among practitioners (again, IMO) but is an area where opposing counsel could attackā€¦"So, you use this product, and they offer certification, yet you have not obtained it?" Better to sidestep that than explain it to a lay jury.

The CCE seems useful for similar reasons, you have a general cert in your claimed field of expertise. Meaningless to others who do this work, yet could be of use during direct/cross examination (or to prove to your boss that you are remaining current in the field.)

As far as NTI, I have always used their tools, but didn't know they offered a cert. If it is tool-specific, and you use that tool, it can only help during testimony!

My $0.02

Posted : 29/04/2005 6:09 pm