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NW3C Training  

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Just wondering how many US police officers are on this board and how many have attended or plan on attending the National White Collar Crime Centers Basic or Advanced Data recovery courses. I have attended all but one of them and I have found them to be some of the best forensic computer training that I have received so far.

For those who have attended their courses, does anyone see a need for additional courses from them. I have suggested to them in the past that they develop a course for linux/open source tools, but I have not yet seen anything from them on this matter. The more I use and experiment with these tools, the more I see a need for not just one, but several classes related to linux tools. Many public agencies dont have the funds necessary to purchase the higher level commercial tools and I see several of the linux variants as being a budget saver for my agency.

Related to that, does anyone know of any training related to open source forensic tools. As long as the price isn't too high, I believe I can get my agency to pay the costs for training. Also, has anyone seen any white papers/presentations/documents related to open source tools?


Posted : 07/10/2004 9:44 am
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Hi Matt,

Sorry I'm not in the US, but I did get to go on an ADRA course in Austin. I can, without any hesitation, say it was the best, most inofrmative and well run course I have been on in this field. The instructors were first class and I would recommend the NW3C - No I don't work for them or owe them money.

Additional courses - I'd love to see one on the Windows registry (even though much was covered on the NTFS course).


Posted : 07/10/2004 8:32 pm
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Try Ilook. It's free to Law Enforcement and NW3C offers training on it. As an aside, I prefer Guidance Software's training to any other curriculum I've attended, including NW3C. Granted if your not using Encase it's not of much value, and NW3C certainly wins out on cost.

Posted : 08/10/2004 4:30 pm
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Hi Matt,

I'm booked on an ADRA course for early next year in the US. From what I've heard they are ok, and from what you say I am now really looking forward to it.

I have been on a lot of the EnCase courses, and although the basic, intermediate and advanced are worth going on, I have been on the Email/Intenet course on the 'expert' series which was ok too, but I didn't think was as good.

For Linux open source forensics try: -

Also there is SMART - a GUI Linux forensic tool. It isn't open source (i.e. free) but its cheaper than the other COTS products. I think either Andrew Rosen (the author) and/or Thomas Rude (aka farmerdude) do courses in it, and are prepared to travel. If you follow the asrdata link there is a mention of training they do.


Posted : 09/10/2004 7:00 pm