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Seeking feedback on MSc in Digital Forensics in the UK

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Hello Fellow Examiners,

I am seeking input/feedback from Examiners who have completed an MSc in Digital Forensics in the UK. It's very difficult to find honest reviews about universities and the programs they offer.

1. Where did you study and what did you like about the university DF facilities, lecturers, and support staff?
2. What did you like about the MSc program - were the course topics at an advanced-level fitting for an MSc program or were they basic DF knowledge more suited for a BSc program?
3. Compare your DF knowledge & experience prior to the MSc vs after completing the MSc.
4. How do you feel about Teesside Uni, Uni of South Wales, Staffordshire Uni?

I'm a senior Examiner with several years 'under my belt'. I have Computer Science and programming background that I utilized to self-study and master DF, then took & pass EnCE and SANS certifications before landing my first DF job. So a program that's 80% examinations via VMs, OSINT & Linux tools is of no use to me (I can do those stuff on my own).

I am getting a full scholarship to complete an MSc program anywhere in the UK. Traveling to the UK will cost me - my TIME; I need to ensure that my time is well invested. Ideally, I'm interested in a HANDS-ON experience that's not easily duplicated online/virtually. Eg: Chip-Off/JTAG, Vehicle forensics, in-depth Cell Site Analysis, Blockchain and Money Laundering/Fraud, etc.

Posted : 30/10/2022 8:28 am
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I'm probably not best placed to answer this as I'm doing a remote MSc in the US however my vote from when I was weighing up my masters path would have been University of South Wales. I did a BSc there any the faculty, facilities and course content was top notch. 

They do a lot of unusual forensic work with vehicle infotainment systems and IoT devices, not just Windows PCs and mobiles!

Posted : 16/11/2022 7:18 pm