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UK Online Degree  

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Just to say a quick hello to introduce myself to the forum and to ask a quick question. Do any of you guys know any reputable online degree courses available to people in the UK? Champlain College looks good but of course its only open to the US or Canada.


Posted : 13/02/2005 10:29 pm
New Member

Hi there,

I to would like to try and find out about courses both PgCert and MSc in Computer Forensic or Information / Computer Security.

I would be grateful to hear your views as i am sure the technology is there for online courses - i.e. Distance learning like Open Uni courses, i would have thought that in this age distance learning is suited to the working professional where they can not take 4-6 weeks a year off for summer camps…

Any ideas…

Posted : 18/02/2005 4:47 pm
Active Member

Hi Keith, I think the technology is definately there and has been for some time. It seems that the training/education providers in the UK haven't seen the online route as a viable option yet, but I think that will change overtime. I'm thinkng of leaving my job and going to my local uni to study for an honours degree now anyway!

Posted : 22/02/2005 7:57 pm