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Villa Julie College  

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Does anyone have any input/information regarding the master's degree being offered at Villa Julie College?

I have a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, but have mainly been just a programmer/analyst in the business data processing realm (yawn). I'm looking to make a career change (I'm intrigued by anything forensics), but wonder if my background is adequate enough for entering into a degree program, such as what is offered at Villa Julie. I'm also curious to know if the education alone would be enough to make me marketable, or if on-the-job experience would be necessary in order to obtain a position in the computer forensics field.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'd also be interested in your suggestions regarding training/education (I'm already considering relocating from the Chicago area, anyway).


Posted : 15/02/2005 6:49 pm
Community Legend

I have no information regarding the course in question, unfortunately, but welcome to the Forensic Focus forums. On-the-job experience is immeasurably more valuable than any qualification so if you get the opportunity to do some real "hands on" forensics, grab it! Of course, getting on that first rung of the ladder is always the hard bit. One thing to note may be that there is often the need for "incident response" skills in system or network administration roles and these skills can overlap (depending on the situation) with what we might otherwise term computer forensics. That can be useful when applying for your first computer forensics role.

Good luck!

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Posted : 21/02/2005 6:41 pm