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Looking for Digital Forensics Industrial Placement for 2013

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I am currently a student in my second year studying Bsc Digital Forensics (Top up) at Staffordshire University looking for an Industrial placement for 2013. I am also willingly to travel where the work takes me, if necessary.

I believe that this opportunity will provide me with valuable work experience needed for me to start my exciting career in the digital Foresncis sector.

Any advice will be appreciated, as am new to the digital forensics world, as I constantly heard that it will be very hard due to security clearance in the law enforcement.


Topic starter Posted : 23/10/2012 10:30 pm
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Hi Nick,

Did you have any luck? I am in the same situation but for this year?

Posted : 24/02/2014 8:16 pm
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Hi All
There is a huge opportunity for this in Africa. I am an Msc Forensics and Security graduate hoping to setup a consultancy in Ghana.

if anyone wants to partner he or she is welcome. I know this may sound crazy but the chances here are better than Europe where firms are just not hiring.

I have moved back from the UK after graduation and hoping to do this but I can't do it alone.
Let me know if you are interested as you can always bail if you think it is a waste of time but I don't know of any Forensics Lab in West Africa and that's how large the market is here.

Get in touch at khnart @ if you are interested

Posted : 12/05/2015 6:07 pm
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