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Automatic searching of video evidence  

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There's an interesting article in one of last month's "Automatisering Gids", a leading Dutch IT newspaper (which, incidentally, always seems to carry at least one or two computer forensic articles in each issue).

In a nutshell the article is about a software system being developed by the Bureau Digitale Expertise Oost-Nederland (BDE), Amsterdam University, TNO and the Nederlands Forensisch Instituut which will allow the "automatic" searching of video material (the BDE is already using a similar system for photo evidence).

The aim of such a system is both to reduce the amount of time taken to search video evidence and also reduce the psychological trauma experienced by some (most?) investigators who are required to watch disturbing material during the course of an investigation.

The article discusses the "digitalisation" of analogue video material, the use of already indexed and categorised material for comparison and the future plans for such a software system (such as the recognition of certain biometric aspects of those depicted on screen).

One of those interviewed for this piece believes that the Netherlands is at the forefron of this technology. Is that the case? Is anyone aware of a similar system being developed or in use elsewhere?


Posted : 09/02/2005 12:30 pm