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Imaging an ESDI drive  

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I need to image a ps2 50z with an ESDI drive.

Anyone out there have any experience with this.



Posted : 11/02/2005 7:18 pm
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Ps2 50z- wow that’s ancient. You won’t be able to use any hardware write blocker, unless there is some kind of EDSI to IDE Bridge that you can use (I have never heard of one).

One method is to use the machines own EDSI controller card (now rather obsolete), and a PC with ISA bus, that provides legacy support. I think the Ps2 has a removable controller card, take it out and use it in your machine. Attached the disk, then boot to DOS or Linux and image disk to disk.

Parallel to Parallel
Another method is to try imaging with the EnCase DOS/Boot disk via parallel cable. (Do you use EnCase?). Here’s a link for the boot disk image (just in case you don’t have it):

It’s free to use the boot disk imager, and if you use something like FTK – you can convert the acquired E01 files to DD. Or if you use SMART - it will handle the EnCase evidence files. If you already use these tools, then I apologise for stating the obvious….

Attached a parallel cable from the rear parallel printer port of the Ps2 to the parallel printer port of your investigation machine. Insert the DOS/Network Boot disk. Ensure the machine will boot to the floppy first in BIOS, set the software for a parallel conection. Then use your EnCase in Windows on your investigation machine to add via ‘parallel’ and image. It will take some time, but thankfully the HDD will be fairly small by today’s standard.


P.S. Let us know if it works.

Posted : 12/02/2005 9:42 am