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Fake Samsung S9+

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I'm struggling to process a phone I recovered, and would appreciate some pointers.

The phone is a (bad) fake Samsung S9+.

MTK droid tool identifies its chipset as MT6571. I tried most of the options available on UFED 4PC v7.42, without any results. I tried the generic ADB, as well as all three MTK generic profiles, the Android generic profile, as well as various profiles of phones with the same chipset.

All of my attempts fail, either at the very beginning (no connection), or at stage 5/16 for some of the extractions, when the phone reboots.

Any ideas?



Posted : 09/02/2021 4:05 pm
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Do you have any flasher boxes, like Infinity, EFT and so on? This is an old chipset, should be well supported and from my experience, those fake phones also fake Android version, as well as storage capacity, RAM and so on, plus are rarely factory encrypted and most of the time uses default DA (Download Agent). It's a bit surprising that generic MTK profile in UFED doesn't handle that.

Posted : 09/02/2021 11:37 pm