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Hi! I found a file with jpg extension, but metadata says mjpeg. However, i can not open the file. I have the hex code for the file and I cant find jpeg header in the hex. I searched for other common file types headers without success. 

please help me, i really need to find out whats in that file. 


Posted : 22/04/2023 10:10 pm
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Not really sure what we are doing here -- Title says data carving with FTKi -- here is a response to that: FTK Imager does not have a capability to carve by itself, but you could find the relevant bytes of data and copy them out into a new file.  This link shows the steps to carve manually carve a jpg file and also have test files you can download to try it yourself.


On the other hand, you found a file with a jpg extension that you cant open and metadata says mjpeg.  If the file is not too large, then open it with notepad ( or better yet a hex editor like HxD) and look at the first 3 bytes(characters) - it should say in notepad - ÿØÿ    ; or the in the hex editor it should say  FF D8 FF.    In the hex editor, the last bytes of the file should say FF D9.

If it doesn't, post a screen capture of the beginning of the file here.

Good Luck,


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Posted : 04/05/2023 11:24 am