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I became aware of this thread over the weekend and have obtained Jamie’s kind permission to post this response.

There are a few points that I would like to make.

Yes there is another forensic wiki (forensicswiki, plural rather than ForensicWiki) which was set up shortly before ours - we were not aware of it before hand and by the time we did become aware the content of ours had already passed that of the forensicswiki. We do agree that one resource is better than multiple resources and so we did discuss joining forces with the other wiki but we were uncomfortable hosting an open site that could effectively be modified by anyone - this decision has been vindicated as the forensicswiki seems to be getting spammed on a daily basis.

The restricted membership that we have decided to use is not designed to limit the membership in any major way, but as has already been mentioned, to allow us to police the system. Membership is open to forensic practitioners, both prosecution and defence, and would also be extended to those who genuinely wish to participate - for these we would ask for some sort recommendation/vouching by someone already in the field or a ForensicWiki member, so debaser_ go ahead and request access.

I am not sure of the value of multiple Wiki’s, one for each issue. One of the features of the wiki software is to allow a user to categorize each page, therefore if you are only interested in metadata then you can just look in the metadata category – simple.

I would of course be disappointed if Jamie chose to implement a new Wiki here, but that would be his prerogative, as said above another resource would just dilute the effectiveness of all.

There are now nearly 1700 users and a few hundred pages of genuine content of the ForensicWiki with more being added almost daily. I would be glad to offer membership of ForensicWiki to anyone from ForensicFocus who is either a practitioner or can provide an LE/corporate forensic reference.

Paul Sanderson

Good reply. I hope that most people will contribute to this wiki instead of starting a competing one. Ill sign up asap.

As far as those who would like to have separate sources for each type of analysis, the great thing about a wiki is the way information is presented. Everything in forensics overlaps eventually, as does all technology. Often I will find myself reading about something on wikipedia and stumble across something related that i would not have found unless i were looking for it. The embedded links are great.

Posted : 22/03/2006 11:06 pm
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