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LTE Precise Rx-Grid for RLM

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Android-based UE/MSs are COTS cheap available and Google Play Store apps measuring/loging LTE signal reception also. Paired with A-GPS location data a precise Rx-grid can be set up by laying the devices as measure points. Based on canadian GL-01 guidelines for RF measurement we want to train our muscles in RML for non-available UE/MSs (destroyed on purpose after crime).


Who already runs Rx-grids like we do? Can you share measurement and signal artifacts experiencies? We want to learn from the GlobalBestofClass. Modelling after in MatLab/SimuLink.

COTS = Commercial Of The Shelf
LTE = Long Term Evolution
UE/MS = User Equipment / Mobile Station (3GPP term for mobile device)
Rx = Reception
RF = Radio Frequency
A-GPS = Assisted GPS

Any technical advise appreciated in advance.

Posted : 26/05/2016 11:40 am
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You seemingly forgot the "main" RML, none of the ones here seem appropriate
and - surprisingly - there is no trace of this acronym in the Canadian document you referenced.


Posted : 26/05/2016 7:17 pm