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Motorola android lock screen bypass

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Hi, I'm new to Mobile Forensics and I want to know
Is there any technique or maybe some application which can acquire data from Android mobile devices which are locked with Pattern and the usb debugging is off.

The device is Motorola G60, the client needs the data, they told me Google credentials but I don't think it helps. I think the device has Android 12. If I can bypass the lock, or would be better if it can be decoded.

Any guide or help would be appreciated.

Posted : 18/09/2023 6:53 pm
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That's a Qualcomm based model, that uses FBE (file based encryption) so passcode has to be bruteforced. Currently, only Premium class tools supports bruteforcing those devices, and depending on agreement you sign, it may be limited to LE cases only, and not for private use. If you already have tools like Cellebrite UFED, contact them about their Premium solution.

Posted : 20/09/2023 9:24 pm