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What happens to my phone settings/configurations after turning it on a year later?

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I am hoping for someone who can point me to the right direction/proper resources. 

I have an old Android mobile device that I have not turned on during the course of 1-2 years, I am wondering if there would be any changes to the settings/configurations when I attempt to switch it back on? 

Cheers. 😊 

Posted : 05/10/2023 9:54 am
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It's not a definitive answer - but I suspect that the major question to answer actually is "will it connect to a network ?" 

If it is able to reach a network (cellular or WiFi) then it is possible that things would change as it would potentially initiate communications to pull up-to-date settings/patches/upgrades etc.

Other than that, it may update date & time if it can see GPS satellites or a network and it will probably write some log data when it starts purely as a normal part of booting up.

Assuming that you've got it isolated (faraday bag/cage) I would suggest that things are unlikely to change in the way of settings or configurations as there would be nothing to initiate the change - unless it fails and returns to a "default" state as part of the recovery of that failure.

This is conjecture though, I don't have evidence to support my hypothesis, and thus what I say should be verified before use in a proper forensic setting.

Posted : 20/10/2023 3:06 pm
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Hey Azrael, 

Thanks for your reply anyways. Appreciate it, will consider it if I do boot up the old Android mobile device. 🙂 

Posted : 20/10/2023 3:57 pm