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Recovering data from a soft bricked SM-G950F

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Hello everyone!

I have an Samsung galaxy S8 (SM-G950F) which is soft bricked after an OTA update. The goal is to recover (at least some of) the data.

When turned on, it goes into recovery mode. If then in recovery I select "Lacking storage boot", it goes all the way to "Optimizing apps" and when it seemingly finishes optimizing the apps it reboots and starts all over again.

The phone state is:
1. Latest Android 9 (security patch from this April)
2. OEM locked
3. Not rooted
4. USB debugging may be on, but not sure


The device is basically in a boot loop after the update. I've tried flashing the firmware with Odin but this didn't help.

I am open to any ideas on what I can do to try to recover some of the data. I have a spare phone of the same model I can experiment with.


Are tools like UFED or Oxygen capable of extracting data from a phone that doesn't boot?

Posted : 30/10/2021 7:44 pm