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Reover Deleted Files

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Hi, i excidentally erased sometihng and i dont know how to get it back. Im not sure how to proceed. 

I readed a little and this is what i have to work with atm:

-The evidence harddrive

-A Free one with bigger space

-usb linux caine stick

-i know how to use guymager

Please tell me the steps to do

Posted : 24/06/2021 10:35 pm
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I think you need to supply a lot more detail.

  • What type of hard drive, PC/Apple/Linux etc
  • File system, NTFS, FAT32
  • What type of file, and what size is the file
  • Has anything been written to the disk since deletion?
  • Is it possible the file may be fragmented - due to being long?
  • There are lots of ways to recover data, free and paid for programs but which to start with depends on answers to the above questions

eg NTFS can often be straight forward, FAT32 easy if not fragmented.  Linux can vary between versions.  Apple often difficult as deletion removes the catalog entry

Posted : 27/06/2021 11:34 am