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Repair Corrupted E01 File

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Hi Guys,

   In a recent case, I have created an Image of an HDD by FTK Imager v4.2.0.13 with a 15GB Chunk Size and a Compression value is 6. Once the Image completed I verified the E01 and it's working fine. I transferred that Image to my External Drive during copying all the chunks copied successfully.

Once I returned to my home and open that file in FTK Imager it's showing an Error. One further diagnosis I find out that the First E01 Chunk size is only 150MB, not 15GB, and the file header of that chunk is different from others.

So, my scenario is how to repair that E01 Chunk to get my Crucial Data because I don't have access to that PC to re-create that Image or Copy Image from another Drive.


Corrupted File Header Value is: C3 4A 38

Posted : 21/01/2021 8:04 am
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