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Restore Password of a TrueCrypt AES-Serpent-Twofish container by 12,5% of known content

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I'm a one-man-show developer and in october 2018 I made a development backup of my projects ans local history. I do this every 6 months, but for security reasons i delete all backups and dev-history after every backup and keep only my most recent project-states on my dev-drive to continue working.

Now some time ago I accidently secure-deleted the password-safe with the container-password of my backup of october 2018. The container-password is 30 or more bits long and is key-pass generated on base of all possible alphabets keypass offers.

For the Encryption I used 512 Bit TrueCrypt AES-Serpent-Twofish or any other of Truecrypts 3 worded Encryption-Meths. I additionaly used a key-file for protection. The truecrypt container-size is about 4GB (DVD-Size).

In all backups I also keep my portable IDE with all local history.

The portable IDE itselfe without my Project-History is about 500 MB of size, never changes and so is "known" best.

Now my question is if it is theoretically somehow possible to recalculate the password by using the known content(=IDE) .

I'm from Germany, and my English grammar is possibly a little bit dusty, so sorry for any grammar mistakes.
Thank you in advance for fast help.

Kind regards



Posted : 17/03/2021 3:52 pm
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Sorry there is a littele typing error in my text. Of course i meant the Password is 30 or more BYTES long.
Does anyone know how I can correct this typing error in my recent post ?

Posted : 17/03/2021 4:09 pm
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I don't think that this is going to be possible for you. I'm not aware of any plain text attacks against TrueCrypt - I'm not a cryptographer though, so I could be wrong. 

Posted : 21/03/2021 8:23 pm