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I have a report from Verizon LERT/VSAT that compares MSISDNs with IP addresses and the port allocation time ranges. I have verified that the actual device that uses that phone number/MSISDN did not access the indicated IP addresses during the port allocation time, so this contradicts their report. Am I not reading this report correctly? Is it possible that another device on the subscriber's account accessed the IP address and that Verizon is providing the subscriber/account owner's number for some other reason?

Also, the report lists multiple overlapping port allocation time ranges (e.g. 7:12 to 11:39, 7:47 to 10:50, etc.) for the same MSISDN/IP address combination. How can one mobile device access the same IP address multiple times at the same time?

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Posted : 19/03/2021 12:08 am