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I'm currently identifying metadata characteristics of images taken by this phone; after taking quite a few test images using the rear camera in default mode (same lens produced each photo), I compared the metadata results for each image and noticed something interesting. The following 13 tags and their associated values appear to be linked and only populate intermittently (i.e., either all the tags/values populate together, or none do):

Flashpix Version; Scene Type; Custom Rendered; Contrast; Saturation; Sharpness; Offset Time Digitized; Sub Sec Time; Sub Sec Time Original; Sub Sec Time Digitized; Interoperability Index; Interoperability Version; Orientation

I've yet to identify any specific variable(s) that I can attribute to these tags' appearance in the image metadata. Does anyone have an idea what might influence this? 

Posted : 18/01/2023 8:08 pm
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Update: I found an additional tag that also seems linked to the previous ones - "Components Configuration". After doing more general research, it seems that whether or not a particular phone embeds sub-second timing into an image is camera-dependent. As such, I suspect this larger group of tags may be tied to the subset of "Sub Sec Time" tags among them. I just find it strange that this particular phone might only embed this information in an intermittent and possibly arbitrary manner. Essentially, I'm still trying to determine whether there are external variables controllable by a user that would influence this camera behavior. 

Posted : 19/01/2023 3:46 pm
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Several of the "Extra Time" tags could be relevant to this wider set of labels. I haven't quite figured out if the behavior of this camera is affected by any external factors that may be adjusted by the user. word wipe

Posted : 16/03/2023 9:47 am