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USNJournal on secondary drive

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I noticed that secondary drives do not appear to have USNJournal's within the $Extend folder. Do they have to be manually enabled? Or does Windows just enable USNJournaling by default on the OS drive?

Posted : 17/01/2023 2:56 pm
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USNJournal is (according to Microsoft) associated with taking a backup of a volume (a.k.a. File History).  An USNJournal is not necessarily created automatically -- and it can be deleted by an Administrator, and won't get automatically created/recreated by the operating system itself.  (Not sure what happens if you configure File History to be active for a volume, and then delete the journal.)

Not sure where File History keeps its config data, but that should not be impossible to figure out if you can't access the application itself.

Posted : 18/01/2023 8:08 pm