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Scalpel 2.0 on Windows Server 2016 search results now are unviewable

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I have Scalpel 2.0 on Windows Server 2016 and the search results now are unviewable. It used to work. Scalpel or the audit file do not give any indication of a botched search. The result file have weird names, e.g. "00000000.#" and are 0 bytes. I have tried renaming the extensions and opening with all manner of graphic apps. It does not matter if the results get exported to local or removable drives.  Also, I do not see a link to attached files. Thank you.


The following files were carved:
File Start Chop   Length           Extracted        From
00000000.# 11                       YES 0            art.dd
00000003.#      175351294     YES 0             art.dd
00000002.#       75083246      YES 0             art.dd
00000001.#       174967808    YES 0             art.dd
00000004.#       185647900    YES 0             art.dd

Posted : 12/06/2021 3:26 am