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Snapchat and FaceTime questions

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Hello all


I am looking for some assistance surrounding the data recovered from Snapchat and FaceTime from a full file system of an iPhone. 

I have a phone that was seized on the 24th July and the FaceTime data only goes back until 14th July but we think it has been used a lot more than that. There is always possibility of user deletion but does the system delete FaceTime records after a set period of time?


Similarly, the owner of the phone has said he used Snapchat video call on the evening of 13th July but we have no records of these calls taking place. We have some messages via Snapchat and the knowledgeC shows the app being open but no calls made. Again the user may have deleted but is there any other reason why these calls wouldn’t be present? Or any other data locations I could look in to assist in saying if video calls definitely had or hadn’t been made  


any help is appreciated. 

Posted : 19/11/2021 6:54 pm