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WFS 4.0 data extraction

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I want to remove the contents that say WFS 4.0 from the file with .E01 extension.

How can I do that?

Posted : 24/04/2024 9:59 am
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I am assuming you're asking how to extract the multimedia of a WFS 0.4 formatted drive from an e01 image.


There is drive replay software available (a search in these forums should lead you to ab older post with the name) which would require the e01 image to be mounted using software like FTK Imager or Arsenal Image Mounter. However this method may not display all footage contained on the drive.


Other software like DVR Examiner or HX Recovery could also attempt to extract the data from your image.


Manual recovery or writing code is also possible, but a very labour intensive process. There is a scientific paper available on the structure of the filesystem, which can provide an outline.


Hope that helps a bit.

Posted : 24/05/2024 6:57 pm