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X-Ways X-Tension for C4All, Semantics 21, Analyze and Lace

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C4All, Semantics 21 , Giffeye Analyze and BlueBear Lace are programs used by law enforcement and others to categorize pictures and videos.

This X-Tension is for Users of the above mentioned programs. The guides that are included describe how to best use the X-Tension with the Strategy hash sets , but your own hash sets can be used. Also it is based on the file types (video and pictures) that C4All presently uses and searches for.

With this X-Tension, you will be able to process with the speed of X-Ways, and be completing most of the C4Prep stage all at once (like skin tone % and video stills). If you are not using C4All then you will not have to extract video frames. The XML that is created can be imported into C4All, Semantics 21, Analyze and Lace.

Benefits of the X-Tension
-speed, fewer steps to follow than original C4All process
-superior carving power of X-Ways
-even faster if ran locally and saved locally. up to 30GB min speeds on SSD drives observed.
-crash protection. Use X-Ways ability to resume if there is a crash during preparation of data.
-If X-Tension is interrupted there is the option to resume, start new or if needed just make new XML file
-ability to filter out irrelevant files and false positive carved files before X-Tension extraction.
-Hash sets are connected to X-Ways and not SQL server. This allows for known irrelevant or good files to be excluded from extraction. Also SQL Express can be used (free) as the only database used would be a local database and would not grow to be to large.
-These hash sets are transferable by simply copying the folder and pointing X-Ways to storage location. No need to wait all day for Database to be created.
-ability to use your own hash sets. upto 65,000+ separate hash sets.
-Better resulting folder structure, especially when run against many evidence objects in one case.
-Results can be extracted from C4All in hashkeeper format to be easily brought back in to X-Ways case. no need to run Encase book marking enscript.
-thumbnails are extracted from files that include thumbnails or are created by X-ways due to original picture size. If thumbnails exist in a file it is not used twice, reducing duplicate files.
-When processing, all functions of X-Ways are available during X-Tension run phase.
-Able to use X-Ways reporting features for court and presentation.
- video stills extracted using free mplayer or forensic framer from within X-Ways. (not needed if using Semantics 21, Analyze or Lace)

Below are links to the X-Tension and guides on how to use it. If you are part of the Strategy and need the hash set, please contact Trevor at the Ontario Provincial Police or obtain from the C4All forum.
Guide will be updated to latest after Techno-Security conference 2017.

Free Version that outputs C4All xml, with C4All supported video/pictures types can always be found at http//info.jedsontech.com/revision-history . Always use the latest version. For example as of posting the latest version was XwaysKPF_x64_v3.6.11.e.dll

Guides and other information can always be found at http//info.jedsontech.com/

As X-Ways adds features, the X-Tension may be updated. From this page you will also be able to see changes made.

Posted : 08/05/2017 10:50 pm