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Hidden Camera Found - Any ideas?

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So just recently a hidden camera was found in a bush near our house. It seemed like a basic surveillance type camera, and it was wrapped in fake green grass. It seems to have been very recently placed there, probably same day it was found. There are several young children that play in the area the camera was pointed at, also it was directly pointed at a house owned by fairly wealthy people, that travel often. But the creepiest part is, apparently a voice through the camera spoke to the kid that found it and told the kid "don't touch" (foreign, described as Indian voice). Police were called and they now have the camera.
Also, the home nearest to the camera (but not the one it was pointed at) had a couple of interesting things happen to them recently. They said their computer was recently hacked and a random cell phone (they didn't order) was delivered to their house, which was given to the police I think. These could just be coincidences though.

Does anyone have any idea what could be the motive here? Any ideas at all?

As you can imagine we're all on high alert, working with police, everyone's checking their cameras, keeping their kids indoors and following suspicious cars etc...

Posted : 03/03/2024 3:48 am