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6 years 28 devices later pervasive stalkerware

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I may not know all the technical terminology, but I do know that no matter what best practices I put in place eventually I have a package of totally encompassing stalkerware installed on every device I’ve used since at least 2018, but more likely dating back to before 2000. 
I left my abusive ex husband the first time in 2010, for good in 2015. The worst of things started after I left. I believe he is part of an organized cybercrime syndicate spanning much larger than spying on his ex wife’s devices to torment, attempt to intimidate, or control.
Sparing the emotional details, I’ll provide methods, devices, & data accessed below….

IMSI catchers, WiFi router hijacking, port sniffing, brute force hacking, adware/malware/spyware installation & distribution, electronic surveillance, remote vehicle access & GPS tracking, remote device access & monitoring, “parental” controls, traffic filtering to bypass any & all privacy & security measures, keyloggers, phishing, interception & eavesdropping, recording, spamming, social engineering, side loading apps, root level access, hidden administrator, 3rd party App Stores, Microsoft exchange server, sql databases, data mining, identity theft, doxing, media pirating, criminal botnet, financial fraud, evidence tampering, using children’s phones to triangulate my new devices, etc. 

Dozens of mobile phones, 3 tablets, 4 laptops, printers, routers, & smart devices accessed & monitored remotely.  

Filed IC3 reports only to have contact points hijacked every time. Same with Identity Theft Affidavits. Have sought help from 3 different experts only to have their servers attacked when they agree that it’s organized cybercrime & larger than me based on evidence I’ve provided. 

Multiple police reports filed, local detective I’m forced to deal with knows my ex husband’s sister & has intentionally dropped cases, refused to try to enhance photo or video evidence, & has ignored every request I’ve made for copies of police reports & forensic analysis of the one device sent to FBI lab. Multiple devices left in evidence after I was told he wasn’t doing anything more unless I was physically hurt or dead. 

Mountains of offline evidence gathered over the years after watching digital evidence be edited, moved, hidden, or trashed. I’ve watched it all happen for the last six years on 28 different devices & I’m at a loss for where to turn anymore. 

No, I’m not insane. Paranoid at this point, probably….but not crazy. Yes, I was psychologically evaluated. My ex however was diagnosed with Cluster B Personality Disorder in 2015. Behavior patterns have never changed emulating narcissistic & antisocial personality disorder. 

Posted : 09/01/2024 6:14 pm
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You are not alone in this.  Many people are currently battling this or have gone through this.  I certainly don’t have all the answers, but I read from an Apple Community post that physically walking into a capable digital forensics or investigative business is an answer.  

I will add the fact that someone did betray you at some point to get you involved.  

You are not crazy or paranoid at all. It can feel that way when people treat you like you are. You will be okay.  Your ex is probably not as involved with it as much as he is trying to make you feel like it.  But I suspect based on what you have shared, he is privy to the info. 

I hope you are doing better, and I hope this message helps in any way. 

Posted : 29/04/2024 8:05 am