Binalyze Customer Q&A – Bryan Barnhart, Infiltration Labs

Bryan Barnhart, owner of Infiltration Labs – a specialist in Digital Forensic investigations, penetration testing, and cyber security incident response, answers questions about his first-hand experience of using Binalyze AIR. Bryan knows the world of DFIR only too well, thanks… Read more

Mariya Shafat Kirmani, Ph.D. Scholar, University of Kashmir

FF: Mariya, please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your role in DFIR? Mariya: I am Mariya Shafat Kirmani, and I am currently pursuing my research from the Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Technology, University of Kashmir, India.… Read more

Jad Saliba, Founder & CTO, Magnet Forensics

FF: How are you doing Jad? How’s 2022 been for you and Magnet Forensics? Jad: I’m doing great, thanks! 2022 has definitely been a busy year for Magnet Forensics. We were so grateful to see so many customers and industry… Read more

Dan Dollarhide, Sales Engineer, Oxygen Forensics

FF: Dan, let’s start with a little about you. How and when did you first get into digital forensics, and what made you stay? Dan: I come from Law Enforcement, and while working as an Investigator I was assigned a… Read more

Emiliano Polito, Trainer, Amped Software

Emiliano, congratulations on your new role! Your journey to Amped Software has been colorful — what first interested you about multimedia engineering as a career? Hi and thank you! My journey to Amped Software has been an eventful one for… Read more

Adam Belsher, CEO, Magnet Forensics: Year in Review

Congratulations on an eventful 2021. What have been some of the highlights for you and Magnet Forensics? It’s certainly been a busy year for the team at Magnet. We were thrilled to be able to see customers in person again.… Read more