Amped Software Launches Amped Replay: An Enhanced Video Player for Investigators

Amped Software has launched Amped Replay, a new tool which allows frontline police officers and investigators to quickly and easily view, analyze and present video evidence. With Amped Replay, non-specialist units can convert and play videos from a variety of proprietary formats, apply basic enhancements, annotate and redact images for investigations and media release, all while maintaining the integrity of the evidence and without having to rely on the availability of experts in the forensic video lab.

Video footage from CCTV and DVR systems, body-worn cameras, dash cams, mobile phones and social media can be crucial in progressing an investigation, especially in the “golden hour” when time is of the essence. However, with a multitude of proprietary video formats to consider, even playing and viewing the footage can be time-consuming and difficult. Powered by the same CCTV video conversion engine that sits behind Amped Software’s other solutions for forensic experts, Amped Replay solves this problem by enabling users to simply drag and drop the footage into the software, where it is ready to view.From there, Amped Replay’s intuitive and easy-to-use interface gives users the ability to perform quick enhancements, to annotate or redact parts of the footage and to export the results to be forwarded to a colleague or shared with the media as part of an appeal for information. For example, in the case of a missing persons enquiry, key details such as the individual’s face or the number plate of the car they were last seen in can be magnified ahead of sharing with local press.

By enabling frontline officers and investigators to independently view the evidence and proceed with any further lines of inquiry, the technology helps alleviate stretched police resources. In routine cases it empowers frontline professionals to do more independently of the forensic video lab, thereby making themselves more self-sufficient and freeing up forensic experts to work on more challenging and complex cases.

“We know how problematic proprietary video formats can be for our users and their organizations,” said Martino Jerian, CEO and Founder of Amped Software. “We saw the need for a tool to assist an entire organization with its video evidence, starting from the field. With Amped Replay, organizations are reassured that video is processed correctly, using validated tools to ensure forensic integrity.

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While Amped Replay facilitates access and use of visual evidence, it also ensures that the original footage maintains its integrity by monitoring any modification to the images so that every enhancement and annotation works as a filter, leaving the initial file untouched. This means that the evidence isn’t tampered with and that each professional who comes in contact with it is protected.

“As a former police officer, and specialist in forensic video analysis, I know just how crucial video evidence is to the successful resolution of a case,” said David Spreadborough, International Trainer at Amped Software. “We’ve created a tool which can be utilised throughout the entire justice system, empowering investigators and frontline officers to examine evidence in the initial stages of the investigation process, reducing delays and ensuring resources can be deployed where they can have the greatest effect.”

Amped Replay is compatible with standard PC’s and does not require additional plug-ins, third-party software or special hardware and is available to agencies worldwide. To learn more about Amped Replay, visit:

About Amped Software

Amped Software develops technologies for the analysis, enhancement and authentication of images and video for forensic, security and investigative applications. Amped Software products are used by law enforcement, government agencies, forensic labs and security companies worldwide. Founded in 2008 in Trieste, Italy, Amped Software’s single mission is to create the one-stop software for any image and video processing need related to security and investigations. For more information, visit:

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