Oxygen Forensic Detective Helps Ocala Police To Extract Critical Evidence

About Ocala Police Department

The Ocala Police Department, located in Ocala, Marion County, Florida along with the sheriff’s department have approximately 250 sworn officers in service who proudly serve the over 300,000 residents. Much like the rest of the world, Ocala and Marion County have had to keep with the changing landscape of today’s investigations. Our world is digital, with data held on computers, networks and mobile devices. This data, more often than not, is critical to Ocala and Marion County’s law enforcement officers who strive to protect and serve to protect the lives of the many residents.

In an effort to keep ahead of the ever-increasing technical aspects of today’s crimes the law enforcement of Marion County, rely on specialized tools and experts. These experts assist with various investigations from computer investigations, electronic surveillance, and mobile forensic collection and analysis. Having the best software to offer the community innovative support for today’s smart devices was one of the reasons the Ocala Police started using Oxygen Forensic Detective.Application Support

Employed by The Ocala Police Department for 20 years as a sworn police officer, Agent Darin Viselli understands that mobile devices can be the key to any investigation. Today’s investigations are solved by data from these mini computers, but more importantly from the extraction of data from the apps. Apps are treasure troves of data, and a recent study indicated that over 70% of today’s communication comes from the third party apps. Agent Viselli has used data from various apps in his approximately one thousand mobile device examinations over his career. Using Oxygen Forensic Detective has offered “great success” over the past year in critical investigations. With 330 unique applications and more than 1900 application versions supported, Oxygen Forensic Detective, supports the critical apps today’s mobile device users’ use. From Whatsapp, Voxer, Telegram, TextMe, Facebook Messenger and many others, Oxygen Forensic Detective was built to assist today’s digital investigations.

Assigned to a multi-jurisdictional drug unit comprised of Ocala police officers, Marion County Sheriff's deputies, DEA agents and various other state and federal agencies Agent Viselli knows digital information is critical. This information is not only critical to solving a case but also to illuminating the truth. In a recent case, Agent Viselli stated Oxygen Forensic Detective was critical in disproving a false statement made by an individual. An individual had confessed to a violent crime after being identified by a Crime Stoppers tip. After an examination of the subject’s smart device using Oxygen Forensic Detective, Agent Viselli was able to show the subject had visited the CrimeStoppers website at the time the tip was generated by using the built-in Timeline feature. Subsequently, web searches for terms such as “can a 16 year old go to adult prison”, “what is the legal definition of attempted murder”, and “what is the difference between attempted murder and attempted manslaughter” were all located in Oxygen Forensic Detectives web history section making it easy to identify the facts of the case.

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Agent Viselli stated “Through my forensic examination utilizing Oxygen Forensic Detective I was able to not only confirm that he had visited the crime stoppers website at the time the tip was generated but that he had visited the detailed news article of the crime numerous times. Not only is Oxygen good at catching the bad guys but it is also a great tool to discover the facts when deception is used. It is growing increasingly difficult to elicit co-operation from witnesses and even victims in solving crimes. It is imperative to have every tool available to assist law enforcement and Oxygen Forensic Detective is a must”

About Oxygen Forensic® Detective

Oxygen Forensic® Detective is all-in-one forensic software to extract and analyze data from multiple sources: mobile devices, their backups, cloud services and call data records. Leading edge technologies deployed by Oxygen Forensics allow to bypass screen lock pass codes, locate passwords to encrypted backups, extract data from secure applications as well as recover deleted information. Mobile device, cloud and CDR extractions are merged together in a single intuitive GUI with rich analytical capabilities: determine common locations and contacts for several devices, view all events in a chronological order and much more.

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