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What is digital forensics?

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Author: Josh Carder – Digital Forensics Specialist, Grayshift

Digital Forensics is commonly defined as the recovery and investigation of material found in digital devices. But what does this entail?

In the early … Read more

Tracing Walking Path Using Smart Lighting System

Raymond Chan: Okay. So thank you for watching this abstract presentation for the DFRWS 2021. So, I’m Raymond, and today I would like to present the topic about tracing a walking path using Smart Lighting System. So, just to give … Read more

Register For Webinar: Grayshift Quarterly Virtual Update

Mobile digital forensics is critical to the success of law enforcement agencies in investigating and solving today’s criminal investigations. Mobile devices provide a wealth of digital evidence. However, obtaining access to this critical evidence can be daunting – especially when … Read more

Forensic Considerations For Cloud Data Storage

Jamie McQuaid: Hello everyone. Welcome to today’s session on forensic considerations for cloud data storage. So who’s this presentation for? I wanted to introduce it with some expectations here. So generally we’re going to talk obviously about some cloud services. … Read more