Semantics 21: Advancing AI For Victim Identification

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Revolutionising Digital Forensics with AI and Machine Learning Semantics 21 (S21) is at the forefront of leveraging machine learning and ...

Detego Global Announces Strategic Partnership With Connection To Deliver Cutting-Edge DFIR Solutions

Detego Global Announces Strategic Partnership With Connection To Deliver Cutting-Edge DFIR Solutions

Detego Global has announced a strategic partnership with Connection, a Fortune 1000 Global Solutions Provider. This collaboration will enable Connection’s more

Challenges Of DFIR In Distroless And Other Container Environments

Challenges Of DFIR In Distroless And Other Container Environments

Containerization has changed the way organizations develop and deploy applications. However, the same benefits that make containers attractive, their ephemeral more

Digital Forensics Round-Up, June 12 2024

Digital Forensics Round-Up, June 12 2024

A round-up of this week’s digital forensics news and views: Navigating the complex world of cell phone forensics: How multiple more

Meet Bergen’s top cyber cop

Paramus detectives investigating a money-laundering scheme had confiscated a computer they suspected held crucial evidence. But its hard drive apparently had been wiped clean. At the time, many North Jersey police departments lacked the technical savvy and financial resources to… Read more

Detective combats rising computer crime

Detective Josh Moulin is a criminal forensic expert quite unlike the well-dressed heroes you see stalking bad guys across a fictional Miami every Monday night on CBS. Moulin spends his nights examining computers. He dissects them in a bland windowless… Read more

TVN’s Studio content digitally watermarked

In a recent announcement TVN Entertainment outlined that it will be using Widevine’s Mensor technology to watermark its entire VOD content line up. In the emerging digital forensics market, fingerprinting and watermarking provide another layer of security that enables content… Read more

UK MP tables modernisation of Computer Misuse Act

In summer 2003, the then e-crime minister Caroline Flint promised to answer growing disquiet about Britain’s computer crime laws by strengthening the Computer Misuse Act. But if a week is a long time in politics, a year and a half… Read more

Dealing with the data mountain

The sheer number and volume of current storage devices can be tough for the average computer user to handle, but what about computer investigators that must look for criminal information? Criminals try to hide information on their 200 GByte harddrives… Read more

Real Digital Forensics

Another computer forensics book hits the shelves, along with accompanying website: If anyone’s read it please post a review to the forums.… Read more

Computer forensics: Donning your detective hat

“Quincy, ME,” the 1970s TV series, showed the dramatic potential of medical examiners. We’re waiting now for the premier of “Quincy, CF.” Computer forensics is playing an increasingly important role in thwarting wrongdoers at the federal, state and local level…… Read more

How CSI got computer forensics wrong

A team of computer forensic investigators has pointed out that a character in a recent episode of hit TV show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation failed to follow a basic rule of looking for evidence: don’t switch on the computer… More… Read more

Electronic data legislation in the UK

From casual e-mails to information on your iPod, electronic data can now be required as court evidence. Jonathon Crook, Jonathan Tardif and Andrew Szczech assess the business implications following recent changes to the Civil Procedure Rules… More (LegalWeek)… Read more

High tech hunt underway in pilfering of SSJID’s files

A computer forensic expert is continuing to pour over hundreds of South San Joaquin Irrigation District files that were “improperly accessed” to determine who — if anyone — should be pursued for prosecution… More (Manteca Bulletin)… Read more

FBI Hunkered in The Bunker

Imagine you have this going for you: the best the world’s only super power can give you in personnel, intelligence, hardware and software with cost overruns no problem. Meet Steve Martinez, cyber G-man… More (… Read more

Danish Web Hosting Company Adds Free Forensic Tool

Danish web hosting company EasySpeedy ( has added a software-based Forensic investigation utility to its Remote Recovery System. The company, who specializes in hosting dedicated servers and Linux/BSD, suggests the utility will enable customers to remotely recover their data while… Read more

T3i Launches Information Forensics Digital Laboratory

T3i, a leading information security consulting firm, announced today that it has launched its Information Forensics Digital Technology Laboratory (DTL). The Hi-Tech Digital Laboratory was established in order to provide T3i client’s with an expanded range of services including digital… Read more

Trail of evidence leads Secret Service to computer forensics

The reason the Secret Service puts so much emphasis on computer forensics is fairly simple: Computers are where the clues are. “Today, just about every crime scene has some form of digital evidence,” said Dale Pupillo, deputy special agent in… Read more