Digital Forensics Round-Up, June 19 2024

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A round-up of this week’s digital forensics news and views: UK national accused of hacking dozens of US companies arrested ...

Semantics 21: Advancing AI For Victim Identification

Semantics 21: Advancing AI For Victim Identification

Revolutionising Digital Forensics with AI and Machine Learning Semantics 21 (S21) is at the forefront of leveraging machine learning and more

Detego Global Announces Strategic Partnership With Connection To Deliver Cutting-Edge DFIR Solutions

Detego Global Announces Strategic Partnership With Connection To Deliver Cutting-Edge DFIR Solutions

Detego Global has announced a strategic partnership with Connection, a Fortune 1000 Global Solutions Provider. This collaboration will enable Connection’s more

Challenges Of DFIR In Distroless And Other Container Environments

Challenges Of DFIR In Distroless And Other Container Environments

Containerization has changed the way organizations develop and deploy applications. However, the same benefits that make containers attractive, their ephemeral more

Trail of evidence leads Secret Service to computer forensics

The reason the Secret Service puts so much emphasis on computer forensics is fairly simple: Computers are where the clues are. “Today, just about every crime scene has some form of digital evidence,” said Dale Pupillo, deputy special agent in… Read more

Making a case for computer forensics

A commitment to establishing a computer forensics operation is an expensive proposition, and it’s not a one-time purchase decision. Computers and software have to be upgraded frequently. New technologies, such as cell phones and personal digital assistants, require new tools… Read more

Digital clues help police land high-tech pirates

Last month, the Sacramento Valley Hi-Tech Crimes Task Force, along with the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the Secret Service, busted what they described as a massive DVD pirate ring. When the case goes to court, the prosecuting attorneys should have… Read more

Phishing attackers and their mules sent down

Three men who sent thousands of emails purporting to come from eBay, and four others who acted as so-called money mules, were sent to prison by Preston Crown Court yesterday, marking the first convictions for a UK-run phishing operation… More… Read more

Denial of Service prosecution fails

A British teenager has been cleared of launching a denial-of-service attack against his former employer, in a ruling that delivers another blow to the U.K’s Computer Misuse Act. At Wimbledon Magistrates Court in London, District Judge Kenneth Grant ruled Wednesday… Read more

Expanding computer sleuth company moves to Herndon

A team of computer sleuths is hard at work in Herndon, doing everything from telling clients how secure their network to doing computer forensic work to figuring out what files a client’s disgruntled employee might have leaked to a competitor.… Read more

Audit trails and computer forensics

If your employer accuses you of hacking into the company’s computing system and perpetrating a fraud, and you happen to be guilty, what is your safest tactic if you want to escape criminal charges? The answer is: Ask them to… Read more

Unlocking the power of computer crime evidence

Though computer evidence now appears in many cases, UK law is not clear on how to handle all this data. Neil Barrett discusses the measures being considered – and the effect they’ll have on computer crime prosecution… More (… Read more

Seminar addresses digital forensics issues

Dr. Victor Fay-Wolfe, a computer science and statistics professor at the University of Rhode Island, spoke Friday in Pastore Chemical Laboratory concerning the field of digital forensics. Digital forensics, which Fay-Wolfe defined as “the application of forensic science technology to… Read more

Cyber crime business booming

Television crime shows such as “CSI” have brought the science of computer forensics to the forefront of public awareness. But just like about everything coveted by Hollywood, there exists a significant gap between art and reality. No one knows that… Read more

Version 3.0 EMail Detective released by Hot Pepper Technology, Inc.

Hot Pepper Technology, Inc. ( has announced the release of version 3.0 of its E-Mail Detective – Forensic Software Tool. E-Mail Detective (EMD) provides investigators with a rapid and comprehensive method of retrieving all America Online E-mail messages and photos… Read more

Computer forensics making a difference

For the last four years, David Usery, 47, has been a man the public doesn’t see — a pivotal person behind thousands of criminal case investigations from the 9th judicial District Attorney’s Office and New Mexico State Police as well… Read more

Fighting cybercrime on a shoestring budget

In cramped, dingy offices near New York’s East River, a couple dozen detectives and analysts hunch over computers, plowing their way through hundreds of criminal cases. This is the home of the New York Police Department Computer Crime Squad. The… Read more

Digital fingerprint cracks the case

Last month, when Australian Federal Court Judge Murray Wilcox ruled that Kazaa is illegally authorising copyright infringement, he put Australia on the world map of landmark intellectual property cases – related cases against Kazaa in the US had previously failed.… Read more

Microsoft, Nigeria Join Forces Against Cybercrime

Microsoft Latest News about Microsoft is lending its I.T. expertise to the government of Nigeria in a joint effort to combat e-mail fraud and other cybercrimes in the African nation… More (Top Tech News)… Read more