TSK 3.0.0 and Autopsy 2.20 released

This major release of TSK contains many new library and tool features.

* Orphan files (deleted files that have a metadata structure, but do not have a parent directory that can be reached from the root directory) are now shown in the $OrphanFiles directory.
* The FAT file system MBR and File Allocation Tables are now accessible as files in the root directory.
* More deleted files are shown in each directory when using ‘fls’ (and the corresponding library API). This used to require running ‘ifind -p’ for each directory and it is now done automatically.
* New mmcat tool to output contents of a single volume.
* New mmls flags to list only specific volumes.
* Backup FAT MBRs are used, if the primary is corrupt.
* d* tools (dls, dcat, etc.) are now named blk* (blkls, blkcat, etc.)
* New ‘-b’ option in sorter to specify minimum file size.
* Added mingw support for cross compiling
* New library APIs and docs that do not require a callback design
* Minor bug fixes.

The Autopsy release contains updates to handle the new TSK features and
has some minor bug fixes.


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