NetSecurity Corporation Offers Computer Forensics Training Courses

NetSecurity Corporation expands its portfolio of Hands-On How-To® security courses to include computer forensics training classes. “Rather than focus on boot-camp style training that emphasizes cramming to pass a certification exam, we [NetSecurity] take a different approach to teaching professionals how to solve real-world problems that can stand the scrutiny of legal counsel,” said Cory Epperson, director of client services of NetSecurity Corporation. “Our mission is to provide students the step-by-step and how-to process for locating, acquiring, preserving, analyzing, and producing solid digital evidence – regardless of the student’s forensics skill-set…”NetSecurity’s Hands-On How-To® courses, include: computer forensics investigation training; incident and cyber crime response training; electronic discovery training; and computer hacking training. The courses, which are offered in interactive presentations in the classroom by security and forensics expert instructors, are loaded with Hands-On How-To Lab Exercises (HOHTLEs). Upon successful completion of the Hands-On How-To® forensics courses, participants will be armed with the knowledge, tools, and processes required to produce computer evidence that can withstand legal scrutiny.

Topics covered in each class are available in a detailed syllabus at NetSecurity’s website, but include: Network Hacking, Forensics Process, Data Acquisition, Data Analysis, Windows Forensics, Internet Forensics, Unix Forensics, Mac OS Forensics, Mobile Device Forensics, Passwords and Encryption, Steganography, Volatile Data, Memory Forensics, Malware Analysis, Network Forensics, Remote Forensics, Presentation and Reporting, Anti-Forensics, Incident Response, and E-Discovery. NetSecurity also provides on-site forensics training that is tailored towards organizations’ unique requirements.

The benefits of NetSecurity’s Hands-On How-To® computer forensics training include detailed step-by-step and how-to instructions, real-world simulations of forensics challenges, seasoned expert instructors with real-world hands-on consulting and training experience, an arsenal of take-aways, up-to-date course content that addresses emerging forensics challenges, small class sizes ensuring maximum student-instructor interaction, and vendor-neutral content – covering commercial and freeware tools.

Past students have had this to say about NetSecurity’s Hands-On How-To courses:

“The instructors were very knowledgeable in computer forensics. [The] material was presented in ‘easy to understand’ format,” said one law enforcement forensics examiner.

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“The interaction between the students and teacher and [the use of] a lot of tools [is what I liked best about this course],” said a seasoned ethical hacker and forensics expert.

“This course has been very educational both in getting to use the latest tools and to interact with other forensics professionals,” said a senior government forensics investigator.

For a limited time only, NetSecurity is offering 50% off its list price for the computer forensics training course hosted by the Techno Forensics 2008 conference, October 23-25, 2008, in Gaithersburg, MD.

About NetSecurity Corporation

NetSecurity Corporation provides vendor-neutral digital forensics, hands-on security consulting, and Hands-on How-To® training solutions that are high-quality, timely, and customer-focused. Through NetSecurity Forensics Labs, the company delivers world-class forensics solutions that withstand the scrutiny of litigation. Armed with seasoned security and forensics experts with deep experience with real-world problems, NetSecurity delivers unparalleled forensics and security solutions to law firms, law enforcement, Fortune 500, and government entities. NetSecurity helps its clients reach their goals in engagements involving electronic discovery, digital forensics, incident response, ethical hacking, and Hands-On How-To® Training. As a licensed private investigative firm, NetSecurity is positioned to legally conduct computer forensics investigations in Virginia and other states. Founded in 2004, NetSecurity is headquartered in Dulles, Virginia. For more information, visit, email, or call 1-866-66-HOW-TO.


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